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Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting Started - Plan Ahead

Although the blog is new I’ve been helping friends, family and even myself get healthier for years now. One of the most common things I hear is “I don’t have time”.

What I usually say: “I understand that it seems tough but it isn’t!”

What I’m usually thinking: “Cut the crap.” In the most loving way possible of course!

Here’s the deal: we’re battling advertising, fast food, convenience, jobs, kids, stress, commitments and misinformation that is shoved down our throats non stop. Fact is that getting healthier will require your attention and that is ok; make yourself a priority!

Here are a few ways I’ve found to kick start the better eating process while saving time and money:

Plan ahead: This includes meals, shopping, snacking:
  • Know what you want to make. At the beginning of the week pick a few meals that you want to try and be sure you have those ingredients. I look through cook books and websites for recipes and ideas then make a list. This also helps save money! When you buy random food you may or may not use it and then it goes bad.  Know what you’re making and stick to the plan.
  • Be resourceful! Last week I bought a huge spaghetti squash and prepared it plain. Then throughout the week I turned it into different meals. Just scooped some out in a pan added veggies and/or sauces and done in 10 minutes. Easy, healthy meals all week!
    • So I didn’t get bored I switched up the sauces. The Saucy Vegetarian is a LIFE SAVER for people who need quick yummy ways to mix up their veggies and grains even if you aren’t a vegetarian you NEED this book. They have salty, sweet, savory, tangy, tart - anything you want in flavor and it takes literally minutes to make! 
  • Make food BEFORE you are hungry. If you wait until you’re ready to eat then you fall into the trap of eating anything that is in front of you – that can’t be just me. When I wait too long I end up shoving any near by food in my mouth then I eat less of the well balanced meal I should be eating.
  • Prepare extras. Another time saver is to make more food than you will eat and immediately put some away for the next day. Last night I made coconut masala veggies for dinner- guess what I’ll be having for lunch! This is perfect for taking to work or even running errands. I'm meeting a trainer at the gym today at noon which will cut into my normal lunch hours, but I'm bringing the leftovers with me so that I have a healthy meal ready to eat when I'm ready to enjoy it!

Try these out and let me know how it goes for you! These very minor adjustments to your day will help create the best possible version of you.

Remember to make yourself a priority.


  1. Great tips! Whoever got you that Saucy Vegetarian book must be the coolest.