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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm on vacation! Healthy travel tips.

Ok. So it has been entirely to long since I've posted anything. There is no good excuse but I'm back!! In our time apart I have been really focusing on my healthy desserts and taking on some personal chef work. Hopefully you have been following me on instagram and checking out what I've been creating.

In my time away I also took a vacation to Mexico and it got me thinking about making yourself a priority even when you don't have all the resources you are used to.
  • Call the resort or hotel ahead of time to ask about options for your meals. I did this for my trip and they made gluten free vegan pizza and pasta among many other great dishes. 
  • Check out the restrictions on airlines then bring your own food and snacks! You know how I love to plan ahead.
  • Try vega one bars. These might be my new favorite thing in the world. On top of being incredibly delicious they are packed with all the vitamins and minerals you need. 
  • Make time to get some exercise in. See if your hotel has a gym, or free classes like yoga or dance. If not look around and see if there is anything close by. Even swimming, hiking, or snorkeling can be great ways to keep yourself moving. 
  • Bring along probiotics that can be stored at room temperature. 
  • Remember to stay hydrated. (I always get really dehydrated on long car trips and planes).
  • Try not to stray too far from your usual healthy routine. I heard the phrase "you're on vacation" often as an excuse to put some not so great foods in your body. Although you should enjoy yourself, you can create some bad habits or fall out of good ones by indulging too much.
I promise I'll be posting regularly again!


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  2. Thanks Calvin! I have a few great posts lined up that I think you will really enjoy.

  3. Hi Paige ~
    Great blog…enjoyed your presentation today at Lassen's:)) You're wonderfulllll…
    PS…thanks for drawing my name for the raffle:)…and the chocolate.