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Monday, January 7, 2013

Garlic Mashed Parsnips and Cauliflower - Tips to Reach Your Resloutions

Happy New Year everyone! I can't believe how long it has been since I've posted, I semi-apologize for that. I went to PA to visit with my family over the holidays (which was perfectly filled with family/treats!) and upon returning I've been a little preoccupied with happiness to be on my computer. But I missed writing and sharing my knowledge so here I am.

Part of the glory of the new year is being given open permission to reinvent yourself, to make improvements in your life, and meet goals with the support of pretty much the entire world. If your goal has anything to do with health and nutrition please feel free to use this blog as a resource or even email me directly ( I am personally trying to eat more sea vegetables, learn more about super foods, and do more (or any) cardio - I already went hiking twice this week! I also want to read a new book every month and try something new every month.

I was inspired by my mother's amazing holiday feast of Shepherd’s Pie to make a mashed potato alternative. I was in the mood for some comfort food the other day but didn't want to compromise my good habits. Here is what I came up with:

over a bed of greens for good measure!

2 parsnips
1/4 head of cauliflower
1 clove garlic diced
1 small onion
salt and pepper to taste
  • steam cauliflower and parsnips until very soft.
  • sauté garlic and onion until soft - about 3 minutes.
  • combine all ingredients in a bowl.
  • using a potato masher or a hand blender mix until a mashed potato like consistency.
  • garnish with chives.
  • top with your favorite sauce. I used a "cheese" sauce from one of my favorite books, The Saucy Vegetarian.
Parsnips are a root vegetable and are sweet in taste when cooked. They are very soothing, aide in digestion (by bringing more blood in to the abdominal region), aide in elimination, promote warmth and sustain normal heart activity.  Since potatoes have little nutritional value and contain irritants including mildly toxic alkaloids, parsnips are a fantastic alternative.

Cauliflower is 24% protein contain high amounts of vitamin c and potassium. When cooked properly they can help curb a sweet tooth!

When I was training tour teams I would always talk about opportunity. Each young person we got to talk to was an opportunity to make a difference, to end suffering and improve lives. I like the idea of the new year as an opportunity for everyone to set goals or resolutions and  have the support to accomplish them.

Use your support system. I am teaming up with another trainer and we have agreed to hold each other accountable for our resolutions; we are checking in and working together to get what we want. I highly encourage you to make yourself a priority this year and find someone to check in with; a friend, counselor, nutrition coach, trainer, life coach, family member, any one that can support you in becoming the best version of you.

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